Thursday, 12 February 2015

Expert Tips On Finding The Right Business Location

A business's location can make an important difference to its success. When you do your business in the right location then your chances of finding good business opportunities increase many times. If you are an entrepreneur, with a dream to make it big in the competitive world of business, here are some important tips to find the right location, brought to you by BizBoon-the best website to build global b2b connections.

Do adequate research
Research the location you are planning to open up your business in before signing a lease or buying property. The more you research; the better will be your chances of finding an ideal location.

Make sure you have accessibility to your target customers
Accessibility to the customers is your major concern when looking for the right business location. Find out if the majority of the human traffic in the area falls under your targeted consumer base. Find out whether you would be able to build a reliable business referral network.

There should be proper amenities
The amenities of the place should also be high-quality because you are dealing with customers that you wish to appreciate your business. The business location should also be in a place where the environment is clean and organized.

Factor in the overall cost of location
Besides the base rent, consider all costs involved when choosing a location. Does it cover the cost of building maintenance, utilities and security? If the location is remote, you may also want to factor in the additional marketing costs it would take to enable customers to find you. 

Know your competitors
Do keep in mind the competition in the area you hope to serve. Seeing where your competitors are located gives you a good gauge about the feasibility of doing business in the area.

When choosing the right location for your business it is important to create a list of the qualities of an ideal location, so that the location you choose is what you really looking for. When you have a good business location, you definitely have a competitive edge over your competitors. For more such business tips or to get advice on registering a business in Canada, China or any other country visit BizBoon, the best business networking site at- 

Should You Sign Business Partnership Agreement With A Close Friend Or Relative?

Business partnerships have been an important part of entrepreneurship and startup success, but sometimes things don’t go as planned, as a result business partnerships end in a bad note. That’s why it is important to have a business partnership agreement in place even if you are entering into a partnership with your best friend or relative. Here are some of the top reasons to have a business partnership agreement, brought to you by BizBoon-the best way to build b2b network connections.

What should a partnership agreement contain?
A partnership agreement include the partnership's business name, the partners’ roles, authorities and responsibilities within the business, how much each contributed and their allocations of profits and losses. Partnership agreements also detail buy-out agreements or how companies plan to carry on or dissolve if partners withdraw or pass away.

Advantages of business partnerships

1.      States ownership clearly: Investment in a business is not always monetary, an investment can include providing the building or other real property for the business, as well as specialized equipment for the business. A partnership agreement spells out exactly who owns what percentage of a business, eliminating chances of dispute, assert the experts at BizBoon-the best way to find business partners.

2.      Resolving disputes: While partnership may have been started by close friends, disagreements are natural in any relationship, and it can be helpful to determine how the partners will work out these disagreements as they arise.

3.      Clarifies roles of each partner: A partnership agreement sets out roles, listing the duties and position of each partner to the arrangement. This helps reduce confusion and arguments among members about what each person should contribute.

4.      Beneficial for business: A Partnership Agreement is a legally binding document and allows the partners to structure the relationship in a way that suits their particular business.

No matter how strong your relationship with your business partner may be, sometimes it is easy to get carried away by emotions. A business partnership agreement protects the rights of both the partners while taking the business in a positive direction. For more such advice on company formation in India or to connect with professionals worldwide, visit BizBoon at-